China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition

China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition

16-18 May 2019
China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

Strategic perspectives of asian energy

The China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition, organized by the QIFA Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. will take place from 16th May to the 18th May 2019 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China. The conference will cover areas like in order to make this show International top-level industry event, we will be more hard work to increase awareness, improve service and expand the scale exhibition to enhance effective exhibitors.,displaying their latest technology and equipment.

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National Development and Reform Commission
International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles
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Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association
NGVS Branch of China Communication and Transportation Association
China Automotive Industry Association Gas Vehicles Branch
Safety and Energy Saving Committee of CRATE
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China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition is recognized as a green energy resource in worldwide. It facilitates the development of non-pollution transportation and environment protection. Chinese government encourages to explore and push forward the usage of pollution-free fuel for transportation. As Strategic Action Plan of Energy Development (2014-2020) requests:

Developing natural gas transportation stably, Developing liquefied natural gas, vehicles and compressing natural gas vehicles positively and orderly and Promoting natural gas family cars, intercity buses, heavy trucks and ships efficiently.

Based on the newly announced document, the Technology Road Mapping of Energy-Saving and New Energy Vehicles, which confirms that natural gas vehicles have been treated as the major development tendency of energy-saving vehicles in China.

What’s more, The Ministry of Transportation has enacted a comprehensive plan on developing liquefied natural gas ships and has actively implemented the pilot demonstration. Like it said in Views on Accelerating the Development of Natural Gas, published on 23th June this year, China will raise the proportion of natural gas in China’s energy consumption structure.

At this point, we will hold the 20th China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition (NGVS China 2019) in China International Exhibition Center (New) on May16th – 18th, 2019 in order to better service the development of NGV. The China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition area amounts to 50,000 square meters in total and is divided into 8 exhibition halls. The NGVS China 2019 will witness the latest trends in the 21th century in international NGVS and gas station equipment industry with more than 300 enterprises from 20 countries on that exhilarating occasion. And it will be a great pleasure for us to have you.

The International NGVS Industrial Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum: Forum theme (To be confirmed) will be announced in Feb. 2019
Forum will invite: Energy Bureau, Ministry of Transportation, International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles, Asia-Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association, China Communications and Transportation Association, China Road Transport Association, Water Transportation Department of Ministry of Transportation, National Gas Vehicles Center, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Institutes of Gas Design, ENN, Towngas China, logistic companies, gas station construction companies, NGV equipment enterprises, Professionals and scientific research institutions of natural gas vehicles engineering from home and abroad, Major buyers and so on. Some exhibitors will be invited to attend the higher-level discussion rounds.

Forum fees:

More than 20 prestigious experts from home and abroad are invited to share their thoughts and conduct technical communications at this forum. Exhibitors are also welcomed to make speeches and spread their original ideas at the forum with a fee of USD 3,000 for 25 minutes.
Exhibition schedule:
Move-in period: 8:30-17:00, May 14th -15th, 2019
Exhibition period: 9:00-17:00, May 16th -18th, 2019

Scope of China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition Related Products:

  • Natural Gas Automobile: LNG automobiles; CNG automobiles; Single and dual-fuel natural gas automobile; LPG automobiles; CBM automobiles; Gas transportation vehicles and other relevant technical equipment;
  • Commercial natural gas vehicles: Natural gas truck; Gas tractor; Gas tankers; Carrier loaders and Gas passenger cars;
  • Passenger natural gas vehicle: Small family cars; Business vans; Midi and mini coaches;
  • LNG construction vehicles: Gas concrete mixers; Gas excavators; Slag cars; Forklift trucks; Cranes; Dumper; Mixing plant; Cage-lifter etc.;
  • Special natural gas equipment: Mobile gas storage semitrailer; Gas sanitation vehicles and watering cart; Mail cart;
  • Natural gas exclusive vehicle: Mobile gas-refilling truck; Gas vehicle inspection automobiles; Gas refilling truck;
  • LNG Ships: LNG transportation ship; LNG power-driven vessel and other LNG vessel relevant equipment;
  • Coal-to-gas equipment: Natural gas storage equipment; LNG storage tank; Gas-fired boiler; Gas pressure tank; Regulator box; Gas control and detection technology;
  • Natural gas engine: CNG/LNG automobile engine; Dual-fuel engine; Vessel engine; Construction machinery engine; Aircraft engine; Natural gas engine unit and other relevant equipment;
  • NGV accessories and special equipment: Purification equipment: Gas storage system: Gas refilling system; Gas storage tank (tank production line, vacuum system and other equipment), High pressure line and line connections; Barometric device; Manual globe valve; Gas supply system; Gas filter; Pressure reducing regulator; Mixer; Low pressure gas hose and circulating water hose;
  • Fuel conversion system: Vehicle fuel converter; Singular gas converter; Fuel switcher; Gas globe valve;
  • Hydrogen energy and hydrogen refueling stations equipment: Hydrogen generator; Hydrogen refueling equipment; Hydrogen refueling station equipment; Hydrogen cell; Hydrogen fuel vehicles; Vehicular hydrogen supply system; Immersed pump;
  • Gas station equipment: CNG/LNG/LPG refiling equipment kits; Compressor; Desiccator; Recycling Tanks; Gas storage equipment and their accessories;
  • Deep freeze refrigeration plant: Liquefaction plant equipment; Accepting station equipment; LNG low temperature storage equipment; LNG peak-shaving station equipment; LNG gasification station; LNG/CNG refiling station equipment; LNG skid mounted pump; LNG filler; IC card system; Vacuum tube; Vacuum valve and so on;
  • Relevant equipment: Flow instrument; Leak detector; Detecting instrument and other instruments and apparatus; Monitor and safety equipment;
  • Purify equipment: Natural gas, CBM, Hydrogen, Industrial gases, Compressed air drying and molecular sieve dehydration devices;
  • Control components: Skid-mounted package; Foundation; Inlet and outlet box; Motor starter and other components; High pressure gas valve and LPG;
  • All Kinds of clean energy vehicles, clean fuel energy vehicles, energy-saving technology achievement exhibition.
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