Exhibition City & Country



Permanent Place of International Exhibitions in Tehran

Exhibition Dates

21 to 24 of February, 2019

Exhibitor Profile

1. Market (or MARKET market)
2. Local Exhibitions
3. Regional exhibitions
4. National Exhibitions
5. Intercontinental exhibitions
6. International Public Exhibitions
7. International Specialized Exhibition
8. International Information Exhibitions
9. Country Exhibitions
10. Expo Exhibitions
11. International Information Technology Exhibition
12. Virtual exhibition

About the second exhibition

The second EXPOSHOW 2019 International Exhibition and Exhibition Fair with the following goals:

1. Culturalization, updating and reforming of structures
2. Increase the level of business activity and investment in the exhibition industry
3. Standardization and Capacity Building
4. Teaching and transfer of technical knowledge
5. Identify opportunities for cooperation in international arenas
6. Impact on economic development and employment
7. Developing business and political relations

8. Creating a platform for further interaction and cooperation in the country’s exhibition industry

In the product group:
1.Sites and companies with exhibition space
2.International Exhibitions & Conferences
3. Hallway prefabricated systems
4. Modular systems
5. Specific special powers
6. Advertising Exhibition Services
7. Design and visualization services
8. Travel services and exhibition tours
9. Basic items of booth
10. Arrangement of equipment
11.Scientists and designers of exhibition decoration
12. Lighting equipment
13. Exhibition Transportation Services
14. Information and exhibition centers
15. Computer hardware and software services for the exhibition
16. Catering and catering services
17. Theaters and related associations
18. Press and related industries

On February 21 to 24, 2019 will be held at the International Exhibition Center of Tehran in the covered area of ​​6000 square meters.