National Oil and Gas Forum

National Oil and Gas Forum

16-17 Apr 2019
Expocentre, Moscow, Russia

About the forum

The National Oil and Gas Forum is the first national-level business event in the modern history of Russia, organised by the Russian Ministry of Energy in cooperation with leading entrepreneurial and industrial groups: the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (TPP RF), the Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia and the Russian Gas Society.

The mission of the forum is the formation of a comprehensive and authoritative evaluation of the internal and external challenges for the Russian oil and gas industry through open discussion by leading experts, an increase in the quality of projection and modelling of scenario conditions for the development of the fuel and energy industry over the medium and long term.

Among the questions traditionally discussed at the Forum are: the long-term goals and challenges of the oil and gas sector; developing a market infrastructure for the energy industry; innovations and energy efficiency in the industry; analysing economic policy; creating a viable market environment; refining projection of the world price of hydrocarbons; international co-operation and foreign trade policy; increasing efficiency in the processing of raw materials; marketplace trading of energy resources and creating transparent indicators on the internal oil and oil product market; ecological best practices, standards, and industrial security in the energy industry; petroleum services; and mechanical engineering in oil and gas.

In contexts:

“The Russian oil and gas sector today stands on the threshold of new challenges and changes. We must discuss the questions linked to attracting investments in the country’s oil and gas industry, the fiscal policy in this sphere, replacing our mineral and raw materials reserves, developing of a market infrastructure, and introducing innovative technologies and new engineering solutions.”
Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

“The oil and gas sector continues to play a heavy role in the Russian economy. “The share of income from oil and gas in the 2012 Russian Federation budget amounted  to nearly 50%. Over 12 years, the extraction of oil in Russia has increased by more than 1,5 times, which corresponds to a level of extraction of roughly 4 million barrels of oil a day. Today, Russia has become a world leader in the extraction of oil and currently ranks  sixth in reserves, extracting one of every eight barrels of oil in the world.”
Alexander Novak Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

“I hope that not only this annual forum, but also our continual work in the period between forums will be a guarantee of good results, the successful development of the oil and gas network, and a sustainable positioning of the fuel and energy network in the global economy.”
Alexander Shokhin President RSPP

“Today, we are confronted with a range of serious tasks: developing the gas industry in Eastern Russia, opening up the Arctic shelf, strengthening collaboration with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region – exceptionally advanced markets. But the strategic goal of the country’s oil and gas sector remains, undoubtedly, maintaining leadership on global energy markets.”
Viktor Zubkov Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors

“I believe that conducting the National Oil and Gas Forum will assist in strengthening collaboration between governmental authorities and business, and will allow for clarifying perspectives on the innovative development of the domestic fuel and energy network.”
Sergey Katyrin President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

“Manipulating the prices of energy-producing materials, and even the forecasts for their changes, has long been an instrument of geopolitics. Over the last decade, a great deal of laws have been passed and international agreements have been concluded in Europe and the United States that have affected the policies of countries that extract hydrocarbons”
Valery Yazev First Deputy Chair of the Russian Federation State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Natural Resource Management and Ecology

Main challenges of National Oil and Gas Forum

“Main challenges are the effective use of natural resources and effectiveness of work of the oil and gas network itself. Structural reforms implemented in the oil and gas sector in the 1990s in Mr Shafranik’s words, bore fruit in the early 2000s.The network knows what competition is, and now oil and gas workers are facing the problems of re-equipment.”
Yuri Shafranik Chairman of the Council of the Union of Oil and Gas Industrialists

National Oil and Gas Forum For an oil and gas industry that has properly performed a stabilizing role and has assured the sustainable formation of budgets at all levels in a period of recessionary economic events, the current phase of development poses a range of high-priority questions and challenges, many of which you will have to discuss as part of the Forum.
Vagit Alekperov Chairman of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Committee on Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency

“In the near future, the oil and gas industry will define to a considerable degree not the current level of extraction, but the innovative technologies that will be employed. “The situation has now become more complicated; there is a lot of oil on the world market, but it is selling cheaply. Enough oil is being extracted on the shelves, which increases expenses. Therefore what happens in the future will depend on the development of the world economy and which countries turn out to be world leaders in extraction.”
Gennady Shmal President of the Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia


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