International Conference on Novatech

International Conference on Novatech

01-05 Jul 2019
Insa Lyon, Lyon, France

NOVATECH is an every 3-year meeting settled in Lyon, which promotes strategies and solutions for integrated and sustainable water management in the city, with a focus on stormwater management. This 10th edition of the conference is co-organized by the Graie, INSA Lyon and Lyon Metropole; it will take place at the INSA Lyon, on the LyonTech la Doua EcoCampus in Villeurbanne – France, from July 1st to 5th, 2019.

International Conference on Novatech is the most entertaining and knowledge oriented symposium that shall throw some ample knowledge about most recent research results in various fields of urban developments. This is undoubtedly the largest and most thought provoking of its kind that shall ensure effective and result oriented collaboration among strategic planners, landscape architects, architects and sociologists, urban planners and designers, water professionals to share views and opinion therefore develop a proper harmony in various aspects of urban developments. International Conference on Novatech will continue for five long days and explore most updated water management culture for a brighter future.

International Conference on Novatech

Within the context of an uncertain future due to increasing urban development, along with a changing climate, stormwater management is a major concern, requiring innovative answers, fuelled by the latest research and proof of concept in the field. To create and implement strategies at the catchment scale, to better characterise runoff and wet weather flow, to design and manage alternative solutions to traditional sewer systems and to better plan and integrate them within the urban landscape, to promote stormwater management as a key component of the sustainable city; these are the many challenges which Novatech aims to address.


Provide an overview of practices in the cities across the world such as urban planning, stormwater strategies and incentive policies for the sustainable urban water management.
Identify the most recent innovative technical solutions, integrating research results, for a sustainable management of urban water and optimization of existing systems, to face flood and pollution issues, as well as health risks.

Simultaneous translation is provided in all oral sessions.