Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable

Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable Conference & Expo

21-23 May 2019
David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, USA

Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable Conference & Expo to provide the Natural Gas Industry with cost-effective training programs focusing on engine and compressor maintenance. The conference features various educational sessions which will provide the attendees with the opportunity to gain insights on gas compression and various other aspects relating to it.

The EGCR is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide the Natural Gas Industry with cost effective training programs focusing on engine and compressor maintenance. The Conference, which has been held annually since 1973, is open to anyone wishing to attend and EGCR membership is not required to attend.

  • An expansive vendor hall
  • Educational tracks with up to 8 individual classes in each track over 2 1/2 days
  • Specialized tracks offered at an additional cost
  • All classes are eligible for Professional Development Hours towards license renewals
  • All classes start and end at the same time to allow attendees the opportunity to move between tracks
  • Class participation and sharing of knowledge is encouraged
  • Annual golf event
  • Monday evening reception
  • Social event Tuesday evening
  • Registration for the EGCR includes access to the Exhibit Hall and all standard classes
  • One of the most popular tracks is the Entry Level Compressor Station Operator Training which focuses on the basics for those new to the industry
  • including: yard piping, auxiliary systems, prime movers, compressor components and operating characteristics of reciprocating and centrifugal compressors.

Over the years, countless operators, engineers, gas pipeline managers, industry leaders and insiders have gone through our training courses. Classes are taught by individuals with years of industry experience and are rigorously non-commercial.

Past Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable have included over 1,000 attendees from across the U.S. and several foreign countries. This year, take a step to increase your knowledge, and increase your worth by attending the EGCR!

China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition

China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition

16-18 May 2019
China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

Strategic perspectives of asian energy

The China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition, organized by the QIFA Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. will take place from 16th May to the 18th May 2019 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China. The conference will cover areas like in order to make this show International top-level industry event, we will be more hard work to increase awareness, improve service and expand the scale exhibition to enhance effective exhibitors.,displaying their latest technology and equipment.

Supported by

National Development and Reform Commission
International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles
China Communication and Transportation Association

Hosted by

Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association
NGVS Branch of China Communication and Transportation Association
China Automotive Industry Association Gas Vehicles Branch
Safety and Energy Saving Committee of CRATE
Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd


Xinxing Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd
CIMC Enric Holdings Limited
Chengdu Huaqi Houpu Holdings Co.,Ltd
Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Co.,Ltd
Chart Cryogenic Engineering (Changzhou) Co., Ltd
Chongqing Endurance Industry Co.Ltd.
Beijing Tianhai Industry Co.,Ltd


Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd

Official Contractor

Beijing New Vision Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Media Partner

NGV Communications
China Transportation Network
China Ship Network
International Ship Network


China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition is recognized as a green energy resource in worldwide. It facilitates the development of non-pollution transportation and environment protection. Chinese government encourages to explore and push forward the usage of pollution-free fuel for transportation. As Strategic Action Plan of Energy Development (2014-2020) requests:

Developing natural gas transportation stably, Developing liquefied natural gas, vehicles and compressing natural gas vehicles positively and orderly and Promoting natural gas family cars, intercity buses, heavy trucks and ships efficiently.

Based on the newly announced document, the Technology Road Mapping of Energy-Saving and New Energy Vehicles, which confirms that natural gas vehicles have been treated as the major development tendency of energy-saving vehicles in China.

What’s more, The Ministry of Transportation has enacted a comprehensive plan on developing liquefied natural gas ships and has actively implemented the pilot demonstration. Like it said in Views on Accelerating the Development of Natural Gas, published on 23th June this year, China will raise the proportion of natural gas in China’s energy consumption structure.

At this point, we will hold the 20th China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition (NGVS China 2019) in China International Exhibition Center (New) on May16th – 18th, 2019 in order to better service the development of NGV. The China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition area amounts to 50,000 square meters in total and is divided into 8 exhibition halls. The NGVS China 2019 will witness the latest trends in the 21th century in international NGVS and gas station equipment industry with more than 300 enterprises from 20 countries on that exhilarating occasion. And it will be a great pleasure for us to have you.

The International NGVS Industrial Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum: Forum theme (To be confirmed) will be announced in Feb. 2019
Forum will invite: Energy Bureau, Ministry of Transportation, International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles, Asia-Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association, China Communications and Transportation Association, China Road Transport Association, Water Transportation Department of Ministry of Transportation, National Gas Vehicles Center, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Institutes of Gas Design, ENN, Towngas China, logistic companies, gas station construction companies, NGV equipment enterprises, Professionals and scientific research institutions of natural gas vehicles engineering from home and abroad, Major buyers and so on. Some exhibitors will be invited to attend the higher-level discussion rounds.

Forum fees:

More than 20 prestigious experts from home and abroad are invited to share their thoughts and conduct technical communications at this forum. Exhibitors are also welcomed to make speeches and spread their original ideas at the forum with a fee of USD 3,000 for 25 minutes.
Exhibition schedule:
Move-in period: 8:30-17:00, May 14th -15th, 2019
Exhibition period: 9:00-17:00, May 16th -18th, 2019

Scope of China International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition Related Products:

  • Natural Gas Automobile: LNG automobiles; CNG automobiles; Single and dual-fuel natural gas automobile; LPG automobiles; CBM automobiles; Gas transportation vehicles and other relevant technical equipment;
  • Commercial natural gas vehicles: Natural gas truck; Gas tractor; Gas tankers; Carrier loaders and Gas passenger cars;
  • Passenger natural gas vehicle: Small family cars; Business vans; Midi and mini coaches;
  • LNG construction vehicles: Gas concrete mixers; Gas excavators; Slag cars; Forklift trucks; Cranes; Dumper; Mixing plant; Cage-lifter etc.;
  • Special natural gas equipment: Mobile gas storage semitrailer; Gas sanitation vehicles and watering cart; Mail cart;
  • Natural gas exclusive vehicle: Mobile gas-refilling truck; Gas vehicle inspection automobiles; Gas refilling truck;
  • LNG Ships: LNG transportation ship; LNG power-driven vessel and other LNG vessel relevant equipment;
  • Coal-to-gas equipment: Natural gas storage equipment; LNG storage tank; Gas-fired boiler; Gas pressure tank; Regulator box; Gas control and detection technology;
  • Natural gas engine: CNG/LNG automobile engine; Dual-fuel engine; Vessel engine; Construction machinery engine; Aircraft engine; Natural gas engine unit and other relevant equipment;
  • NGV accessories and special equipment: Purification equipment: Gas storage system: Gas refilling system; Gas storage tank (tank production line, vacuum system and other equipment), High pressure line and line connections; Barometric device; Manual globe valve; Gas supply system; Gas filter; Pressure reducing regulator; Mixer; Low pressure gas hose and circulating water hose;
  • Fuel conversion system: Vehicle fuel converter; Singular gas converter; Fuel switcher; Gas globe valve;
  • Hydrogen energy and hydrogen refueling stations equipment: Hydrogen generator; Hydrogen refueling equipment; Hydrogen refueling station equipment; Hydrogen cell; Hydrogen fuel vehicles; Vehicular hydrogen supply system; Immersed pump;
  • Gas station equipment: CNG/LNG/LPG refiling equipment kits; Compressor; Desiccator; Recycling Tanks; Gas storage equipment and their accessories;
  • Deep freeze refrigeration plant: Liquefaction plant equipment; Accepting station equipment; LNG low temperature storage equipment; LNG peak-shaving station equipment; LNG gasification station; LNG/CNG refiling station equipment; LNG skid mounted pump; LNG filler; IC card system; Vacuum tube; Vacuum valve and so on;
  • Relevant equipment: Flow instrument; Leak detector; Detecting instrument and other instruments and apparatus; Monitor and safety equipment;
  • Purify equipment: Natural gas, CBM, Hydrogen, Industrial gases, Compressed air drying and molecular sieve dehydration devices;
  • Control components: Skid-mounted package; Foundation; Inlet and outlet box; Motor starter and other components; High pressure gas valve and LPG;
  • All Kinds of clean energy vehicles, clean fuel energy vehicles, energy-saving technology achievement exhibition.
OGU 2019

OGU 2019
Uzbekistan International Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference

15-17 May 2019
Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan International Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference

The OGU exhibition is a unique event among oil and gas industry forums. The exhibition provides an opportunity for specialists in Uzbekistan’s fuel and energy sector and their foreign partners to establish collaboration with each other. The event offers a high-level business platform for presenting the latest achievements and developments for international oil and gas companies, and is the central meeting place to network with suppliers and producers.

OGU is Uzbekistan’s leading oil and gas industry exhibition

The OGU Exhibition plays a key role in connecting thousands of oil and gas professionals and businesses with Uzbekistan’s government bodies. This is a key reason why companies continue to participate annually since the event’s inception in 1996.

Uzbekistan International Oil and Gas Conference

The OGU Conference has become a prestigious and leading congress for the oil and gas industry in Uzbekistan, attracting local and international government organisations, experts and senior decision-makers who share their insights on the latest industry trends, projects and developments.

For thousands for professionals, OGU is the best platform to discuss for the further development of business and collaboration with partners in Uzbekistan.
87% of visitors are industry specialists.
54% of visitors are senior managers.

Participate in the Conference

Oil and Gas Conference OGU offers an excellent opportunity to overview the current status of the industry, acquire and expand valuable business contacts in the area of developing fuel and energy market of Uzbekistan.

Dear participants of the 23rd International Uzbekistan Oil and Gas Conference 2019!

Bilateral meetings between the top management of JSC ”Uzbekneftegaz” enterprises and sponsors, exhibitors and conference delegates will be held within the frameworks of the “Uzbekistan Oil & Gas 2019” Exhibition and Conference.

The meetings will be organized under the requests received from potential participants which will be sent to the Organizing Committee of the event.

After the meeting applications and the schedule will be approved by the Organizing Committee, you will be informed accordingly.

Peace Region Petroleum Show

Peace Region Petroleum Show

15-16 May 2019
Evergreen Park, Grande Prairie,  Canada

The third largest petroleum show in Canada

Peace Region Petroleum Show is a 2 day event being held from 15th May to 16th May 2019 at the Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie, Canada. This event will provide a platform to all attendees to learn more about the latest technology, products, and services from the energy industry.

Asian Oil Gas and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition

Asian Oil Gas and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition

18-20 Jun 2019
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Asian Oil  Gas and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition

Asian Oil Gas and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition is a 3-day event being held from 18th June to 20th June 2019 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event showcases products like oil and gas technologies, oil and gas equipment’s and components, machineries, parts and tools, natural gas, crude oil, petroleum, oil and gas services and other products and services destined to serve the oil and gas industry etc. in the Petroleum, Oil & Gas industry.

Despite experiencing a freefall in recent times, the oil and gas industry is poised to witness recovery in crude oil prices with expected increase in both upstream and downstream activities.

Nevertheless, the industry remains volatile. Faced with maturing oil fields, declining domestic production and a finite fuel source in the face of accelerated economic growth, the main challenge for energy suppliers is not just the availability of alternative energy supply but also the commercial potential of these resources.

It is therefore crucial that Malaysia continues to highlight its potential in the Oil, Gas and Energy (OGE) sector while keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations and technology to strengthen its position. This will not only strengthen Malaysia’s position as a strong oil and gas nation, but also a competent OGE leader, especially in the Asian region.


Malaysia’s Oil & Gas show has been running since 1987 and today it has more attendees and more exhibiting companies than any other show in the region. Between 2011 and 2015 the number of exhibitors increased by 44% and the number of attendees increased 48%. The growth in the number of attendees is in part a consequence of Malaysia becoming the petroleum industries regional center. The growth in the number of exhibitors is in part because 92% of exhibiting companies come back year after year, with many believing it’s the best show they’ve partaken.

National Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo

National Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo

03-05 May 2019
Pepper Stadium, Penrith,  Australia

National Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo is a 3 day event being held from 3rd May to 5th May 2019 at the Pepper Stadium in Penrith, Australia. This event showcases products like earthmoving machinery dealers, earthmoving attachments, trucks, boats, bikes, mowing equipment etc. in the Automotive, Industrial Products, Petroleum, Oil & Gas industries.

Each year Dirt and Turf supports worthy causes and events that matter to the community and the industry.

Part of our support involves the annual National Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo Golf Day and by providing an Expo site for the community fund raising efforts.

Our golf day in March 2019 is supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. This foundation does amazing work in funding innovative ovarian cancer research to save women’s lives through early detection and personalized treatment.

History Of The Largest Construction Expo

The 2018 Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo was a roaring success. Adult visitor attendance rose by 56 percent over the previous year, with 76,750 people coming through the doors. Not only were the visitor numbers massive; exhibitors all reported an increase in traffic to their sites and in the quality and depth of customer engagement compared with the previous year.

On the Sunday, the huge crowd was so large that for safety reasons we had to open the door early to allow entry.

Again, 2018 gave us some major insights into traffic flow, structure and attractions that are being put in place for the 2019 show.

What’s next:

2019 is promising to be the biggest show yet. Expo sites were almost completely booked out prior to the end of December 2018 and applications for sponsorships were coming thick and fast.

Industry media has fully embraced the National Diesel Dirt &Turf Expo and promotion through their publications and digital media, along with a high visibility social media campaign and a new look website is going to make sure that everyone knows about the 2019 National Diesel Dirt &Turf Expo.

The 2019 Expo will be huge!!!!



SOGAT 2019

SOGAT 2019
Sour Oil Gas Advanced Technology

29 Apr-02 May 2019
The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE

SOGAT 2019 is an International Conference and Exhibition for natural gas and oil.

The technical content of the presentations are amply supported by the exhibition of services and supplies of the world’s leading contractors, vendors and consultants. An integral part of the SOGAT 2019 event is the significant number of practical workshops of current technical concern.

With CAPEX globally expected to reach around $1.13 trillion by 2025 the future looks bright for Natural Gas Projects. Gas consumption in this region has grown by nearly 5 % but production cannot keep pace with demand, particularly here in the UAE. Consequently the recent announcements from ADNOC in partnering with ENI and Wintershall in the Ghasha ultra sour gas concession and TOTAL in the Ruwais Diyab concession and further intentions to appoint new partners for the Ghasha development, not only underpin the importance of sour hydrocarbon and unconventional field development but also add to the strategy to make the UAE gas self-sufficient and ultimately a net gas exporter by 2025. This growth will also include the first licensing round of 6 oil and gas blocks in Q1 of next year, the implementation of the ADNOC – Saudi Aramco agreement to explore natural gas opportunities and the development of sour gas fields at Bab and Bu Hasa.

Within Saudi Arabia plans continue towards producing 70% of its power requirements from natural gas and Saudi Aramco are focusing on enhancing sour gas conditioning as part of a $4 billion scheme to boost gas production for domestic consumption with the expansion of the Hawiyah Plant. Shortly the industry will also see the Fadhili Plant producing gas from the Kursaniyah and Hasbah Fields and the 75million scf/d gas processing plant at Midyan in full operation. Additionally there are significant plans for the development and processing of expected big volumes of shale gas in the Jafurah Basin. These activities are all part of the KSA Master Gas Plan in which capacity will increase to 12.5 billion SCF by next year.

Active plans are also ongoing in Oman who are involved in processing gas from the Khazzan Field with 950 mcf/d of produced gas and SNC Lavalin continue to support the process of bringing on-stream the necessary gas from both the Rabab Haheel and Kibal Khuff projects , the former being one of the largest projects in Oman energy development history . Earlier this year PDO announced a significant gas find with estimated recoverable reserves of more than 4 trillion cubic feet (tcf) and 112 million barrels of condensate at two reservoirs named Barik and Miqrat which will add to their gas needs . Another important announcement was the opening of their Gas Network Operations Centre in Saih Rawl which monitors and co-ordinates gas production in real time.

In Kuwait, KOC awarded a $1.3 billion contract to Petrofac for a sour gas gathering system for the Burgan Field and plans continue to unleash the potential of the sour gas resources within the Jurassic Gas project, all of which will contribute the Upstream Strategic Objective 2030 which aims to maximize production from existing associated gas fields as well as tapping into their sour gas resources. KPC are continuing with the FDH JV project which when operational will be one of the biggest refineries in the world and a major player in Kuwait’s Clean Fuel Project. Once completed, the Al-Zour refinery will predominantly produce low-sulfur fuel oil to replace high-sulfur fuel oil that is presently used in local power generation plants.Other refinery end-products will include ultra-low sulfur diesel, kerosine, petrochemical naphtha, granulated sulfur, and LPG.

The political upheaval in Qatar will impact their plans for their Barzan enhancement. However once the second phase of the project is operational it will mean a 3.5million t/a production of sulphur. Again politics play a part in Iran’s sour field activities and the industry awaits their resolution.

In Central Asia the startup of the sulphur recovery section of the Kashagan processing plant is imminent and sour gas injection plans for Tengiz to enhance oil production by 42%, is expected to take place by 2022. Additionally sour gas reinjection will be the predominant factor at the Karachaganak project also by 2022. Moreover the Galkynysh plant in Turkmenistan is expected to produce 3 billion scf/d when at full capacity. Additionally the developments at the Kandym gas processing complex in Uzbekistan will be enhanced by the recent agreement between ADNOC and Uzbekneftegaz in providing strategic advice in oil and gas operations.

Also the Kharyaga Phase III Project has taken receipt of a fully modularized gas treatment package including gas treatment and SRU’s and is on example of several ongoing projects in Russia.

PETRONAS continue their programme of monetisizing and processing acid gas fields in Malaysia. China is also developing sour gas processing plant with the latest being in Chuandongbei and processing from several sour fields with the final phase of the project expected next year.

In Canada, Keyera Corporation is to build a $625 million sour gas processing plant near Grande Prairie as well as SemCAMS building a significant processing plant, also in Alberta.

The technologies involved in sour field development and production are and will continue to progress and the latest developments across the whole sour hydrocarbon management spectrum will be included in the well-respected SOGAT 2019 Conference Programme. This programme will focus on invited presentations primarily from operator case studies, thus providing delegates with invaluable knowledge and data to employ in their own environments.

In keeping with previous years, In Depth and Practical Workshops on topical issues that contribute to enhancing efficient operations will be presented in the first part of SOGAT 2019 and will cover: Practical Amine Treating, Sulphur Recovery Practices, Process Modeling and AGI and other topics under consideration by the Advisory Committee.

The SOGAT 2019 Exhibition will see leading vendors and suppliers present and thus SOGAT 2019 will continue its well-known trend and reputation, as the international event that provides a one stop review of all the latest developments in global sour hydrocarbon management at a time when sour field development plans abound.

IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil and Gas Conference

IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil and Gas Conference

06-07 Jun 2019
Hotel Okura Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Conference

IoT, Big Data, AI, Cloud, Blockchain:  every new digitalization technology brings a promise to completely redefine the oil & gas industry and generate new business value. How are oil & gas companies navigating the change and benefiting from it?

IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil and Gas Conference aims to clarify precisely this question. The conference agenda is developed and carefully balanced with a help of senior industry experts to provide you with strategic transferable knowledge you need today.

It is a place where oil & gas operators, oilfield service and EPC companies, technology vendors and start-ups share their experience in the digital transformation of oil & gas.


Big Picture: mapping the digitalization of oil & gas, cross-sector look

What is the key to digitalization of an oil & gas company? How are EPC adapting to change? What is the role of large tech companies in the industry?

New Partnerships: win-win value creation opportunities in oil & gas

Industry mergers, strategic alliances, and new partnerships are in the news – IIoT in oil & gas has laid the ground for open data ecosystems and new formats of collaboration.

Advanced Analytics: unlocking the full potential of big data

An increasing variety of data and better connectivity is opening up new ways to improve business process and deliver tangible business value to the oil & gas industry.

Emerging Technologies: identifying new value creation opportunities

Every new digital technology and solution brings a promise to disrupt existing business processes. How to identify the ones that will add real business value to a company?

Digital Leadership: embracing enterprise-wide transformation

The digital transformation of oil & gas companies requires a change in individual behavior of employees, culture change, and new leadership mindset.

According to the recent Strategy& survey only 2.5 percent of participating oil, gas and utility companies had a chief digital officer. Last year, that figure was 14.4 percent, below the global average of 21 percent. So even if chief digital officer roles are going to hit a peak in large energy and utility companies, there’s probably room to add more of them before hiring slows or stops.


Esri Petroleum Gis Conference

Esri Petroleum Gis Conference

15-16 May 2019
George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, USA

Conference focus on how GIS can improve decision making and efficiency for your petroleum organization

The Esri Petroleum Gis Conference is a platform to discover more ways to improve your energy company’s bottom line and enjoy listening to members of the petroleum community share their most successful GIS applications for E&P, distribution, and business operations.

Explore and innovate with Esri

Improve your energy company’s profit and hear from members of the petroleum community as they share their most successful GIS applications for E&P, distribution, and business operations. Last year, 1,240 attended the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference. 91% of users said it was valuable, 90% fulfilled their reason for attending, and 83% learned something new.

What’s included in registration

Registration includes plenary, all scheduled sessions and workshops, beverage breaks, lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as access to the Expo, and Thursday evening social.