World Olive Oil Exhibition

What is the World Olive Oil Exhibition?

The biggest international trade fair totally devoted to the olive oil sector

World Olive Oil Exhibition is the biggest international trade fair totally devoted to the olive oil sector. It is mainly geared towards producing cooperatives and olive mills that seek to open new markets and exportation possibilities, as well as towards the main olive oil purchasers from around the world.


    • To contribute to the stimulation of international olive oil trade and its profitability by encouraging relationships among producers and purchasers from main markets.
    • To add value by increasing knowledge about the distinguishing features and the healthy traits of the different olive oil’s types and varieties, as well as the olive oil possibilities of olive oil use and benefit.
    • To open up new markets for olive oils.
    • To promote the health benefits of olive oil and its versatility in gastronomy everywhere.

The World Olive Oil Exhibition offers the unique opportunity to discover –in only two days– the largest variety of olive oils from the world’s main producing regions: Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, Italy and mainly Spain.

An unbeatable occasion for importers and companies to expand on their business contacts within a single place.

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