First Time Exhibitors

You are willing to attend an international exhibition. These days all World up to our finger tips but still we need to talk face to face and Show then our services and our products. Build on B2B based international fairs always give you better results. That’s what we come too. In your journey you just need to focus your business and let us know in detail what you will need or consulate with us then we will guide you happily. Before the fair after the fair we will be ready for you with all our departments and co companies who are profession on their fields.

For this;
Please choose the event you want to have business you may ask us related to events regarding your business just drop a line to [email protected]

Before attending or choosing any events please check your products or service standards if meets the standards to that countey you like to have business no idea? Our expertise will help you ğplease Send an email to [email protected]

lawfull or finacial issues regarding to new market please request at [email protected]

After we clear our all those lines we will look up tp your web site according to given knowledge by you we will decide to which hall you will be in with.

Okay now we decide to hall and stand sqm on this event you need great Show time in those 3 or 4 days and yu need greatest design on your stand but you dont know how much it will cost ask us at ([email protected])

Now designers set up our stand but we need printed materials for our stand or for our brochures or catalogs even printed walls drop a line to us at ([email protected])

Since you have no experience in international fairs or you think you can improve your sales team you can definitely ask us to train your sales team how to act and how to manage your visitors during the fair we will give you the courses right before when you arrive to exhibition area with your sales team.

Hotel accommodation or ticket issues [email protected]

Its another thing can get very annoying during the fair and your valuable sales team get even get lost or will lose time to find way back to hotel or exhibition area. Well we have solution just drop a line and we will organised ([email protected])

All legal paperwork for your team who will attend the fair  check with  us for visa issues ([email protected])

B2B Connections will make better result for your exhibitions time

Regency expo –  Round Table Meeting with coffe [email protected]

Regency Expo – Special occasions organisations.

We are not selling stand sqm to you we as Regencyexpo while you do your business we clear the pat for you to make your connection in better and maximum ability to make a deal. We don’t know about your business and trust us we don’t want to know too but we know what do you need during that small time. We will clear all your needs and you will feel as home while you are doing your business. Cause we will be right there with you with our experienced great team.

Experienced Exhibitors

Please choose your exhibitions for your company will like to attend.
All general inquries [email protected]

If you need any kind of exporting law issues or financial issues questions   [email protected]

For exhibition attendees [email protected]

If you need local special stand design [email protected]

Available only in Turkey [email protected]

Hotel – Exhibition area [email protected]

Please ask if you like to have a special meetings with your potential customers or as a partner company introducing meetings.  [email protected]

Exclusive package we provide for all exclusive management including cultural tours and historical places and local food and beverage tasting points. [email protected]

Please choose the event you like to attend and send us an email [email protected]

We will have B2B connections for you and organise all details for you and for your company.