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Media 10 has revealed plans to bring the largest British consumer event to China in 2017.

For the first time in its history spanning 109 years, the Ideal Home Show will venture overseas.

Launched in 1908 in London, The Ideal Home Show is the biggest ever retail show and shopping event; and was only closed during WWII, reopening in 1947.

An event for the home proud, it became a British household name introducing an array of gadgets and new inventions; it became the launch pad for the vacuum cleaner, the electric kettle and the toaster.

Media 10 acquired the event in 2008 and supersized it by introducing Christmas editions and expanding to Manchester.

One in every 142 adults in the UK attended an Ideal Home Show in 2015.

“Now we are ready to amaze and delight our Chinese public with an event that will encompass retail, entertainment and education in top Chinese cities where visitors will be able to shop, learn or just have a great day out enjoying the very best,” reads a Media10 statement.

“We are positive the Ideal Home Show China will be just as loved as its British counterpart.”

Best of British

Media 10 is also launching The Best of British, billed as a celebration of ‘the very best of the British produce and culture’.

The Best of British will be a deluxe event showcasing the finest in British consumables including food, drink, fashion, design, culture, films and music.

Launching in 2017 in Shanghai, it will bring high end products to the biggest consumer of luxury goods in the world in a hybrid event designed to attend to consumers and trade: reports have consistently shown that British produce, design and culture are highly desirable for their brand identity and reputation for superior quality and innovation.

Media 10 was the only company selected to organise the Coronation Festival at the Gardens of the Buckingham Palace, by appointment of HRH Queen Elizabeth II.