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Caspian Agro 2019

May 15, 2019 @ 8:00 AM - May 17, 2019 @ 5:00 PM

Caspian Agro is a major regional forum for the producers of agricultural products and foodstuffs. It is one of the most popular and well publicized exhibitions in the region and is designed to promote sustainable agriculture, the implementation of advanced technologies in the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the exchange of best practices, and to strengthen mutually beneficial business ties between local and foreign farmers. Exhibitors will have the perfect opportunity to meet with other participants and visitors, including importers, exporters, farmers, distributors, and representatives of the wholesale and retail trades.

Significance of the industry and exhibition’s high status and importance is emphasized by the consecutive annual visit of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, Ilham Aliyev.


Summary records for the exhibition in 2018:

  • Expositional area:   7826 кв.м.
  • Number of participating companies: 195
  • Number of countries represented: 28
  • Number of visitors:  8207
  • Registration sponsor – Maschio Gaspardo


Main sections

  • FEED

    Why Exhibit?

    Exhibitions occupy a special place in the marketing and communications strategy of any company. There is no other means of communication which can be approached so individually and nowhere else it is possible to provide face to face negotiation with customers, bringing into play all the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) to make them aware of their need for information or, in some cases, to satisfy an existing need for such information.

    A specialized industrial exhibition is a place for bringing all its branches together and the opportunities offered opportunities are almost limitless. In any successful business getting in touch with customers is a key strategic factor in both international and local markets. Another advantage of taking part in an exhibition is that it affords an opportunity to maintain contacts with existing clients. Researches of the exhibitions prove that “exhibiting goods at a trade fair influences purchasing decisions six times more than any other method and people remember exhibitions longer than adverts”. Statistics prove that 57 percent of buyers purchase goods and services at exhibitions and 90 percent of visitors use the information they obtain at exhibitions when making decisions about buying certain goods or services.

    Among the advantages of taking part in an exhibition is that a company attracts attention to its goods – and not just the attention of the specific group of people visiting the exhibition, but also of the media and of the state structures. It also offers them quantitatively and qualitatively excellent contacts with the targeted group at a relatively low cost.

    Exhibitions afford the most direct form of sales: face to face with potential clients and suppliers. The cost of conducting business through exhibitions is almost half of that (45 percent) of using more traditional direct sales methods. Given the estimated cost of one visitor, the costs of exhibiting are considerably lower than those of any other form of advertising.

    To sum up, exhibitions offer participants many advantages, including:

    • The cost of contact with one representative of a company’s target audience at an exhibition or trade fair is markedly cheaper than any other means of advertising.
    • The unique “extra-territorial” nature of an exhibition makes it much easier to establish contacts; in this environment you, your potential customers and your competitors are all on neutral territory.
    • An exhibition is the ideal place to learn about demand for new goods and to conduct research into what your competitors are doing.
    • An exhibition is an effective means of helping a firm to penetrate new foreign markets or establish dealership networks.
    • An exhibition allows you to show your new goods in action.
    • The fact that media representatives attend exhibitions makes it a lot easier to work with them and helps with the creation of PR material.
    • Taking part in an exhibition allows you access to a fairly substantial segment of the market in a short period of time.
    • For any business, an exhibition is a bridge linking customers, wholesale and retail trading companies, suppliers and manufacturers and it offers a competitive environment for making new contacts.
    • The very best intellectual and material resources available for you to take advantage of are concentrated in and around an exhibition for the short period of its duration.

      Why Visit?

      For all the dynamic development in the latest communications technology, a teacher’s main tools remain speech and the black or white board, while businessmen prefer having face to face conversation of a potential partner and give them a firm handshake when concluding a deal. As a social creature, man will never be able to do anything without intermediaries whether they are electronic or printed. Today the exhibition presents a unique platform for this kind of contact. Therefore, the role of exhibitions increases year by year, mostly on the emotional level. After all, exhibitions can transfer a person into another world by bringing together under one roof all the best of a sector or of personal interest.

      Trade exhibitions provide professionals, both sector and private specialists with great opportunities by showing world of new technologies, ideas, and eventually stream of new information for a new generation. They provide the opportunity to find out about goods or services, to meet their producers or providers face to face. Here you can see products in action and ask exhibitors a multiplicity of questions about their products. They will not only share with you their experience but may become your useful partners and colleagues.

      Therefore, by visiting the exhibition you will get a unique chance to:

      • Find out about innovations in the sector
      • Study the state of the market and get new ideas
      • Make new contacts
      • Build on relations with existing customers
      • Get information in “live” conversation, which is not always available in other information sources
      • See a wide selection of goods in a short period of time
      • Choose and assess suppliers of new products/technology
      • Compare one product with another
      • Conclude deals
      • Become agents/distributors for famous producers
      • Acquire technical knowledge
      • Meet technical personnel and discuss ways to solve problems or upgrade
      • Discuss business issues in objective, business environment
      • Establish direct link between price and quality
      • Compile and add to an information database
      • Begin cooperation, alliances and joint enterprises
      • Be up-to-date with contemporary innovations and new technologies
      • Have access to different information services, essential in the search for investment and partners

      Only exhibition gives you opportunity to make contact with lots of competent specialists in such a short period of time, avoiding loss of time or substantial expenditure on trips to meet them.


May 15, 2019 @ 8:00 AM
May 17, 2019 @ 5:00 PM
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Baku Expo Center
Baku, Azerbaijan + Google Map
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May 15, 2019 @ 8:00 AM
May 17, 2019 @ 5:00 PM
Event Category:


Baku Expo Center
Baku, Azerbaijan + Google Map