New Phytologist Symposium

New Phytologist Symposium

01-04 Jul 2019
University of Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland

The New Phytologist Symposium focuses on Interaction networks and trait evolution and it illustrates plants interact with a range of partners, ranging from mutualistic microbes, pollinators, seed dispersers, to antagonistic herbivores and pathogens. A range of different traits are of key importance in these interactions, such as flowers, fruits and their signals, or the multitude of defense traits plants use to contain their enemies.

The internationally renowned series of New Phytologist Symposia (NPS) aim to support emerging and key areas of research. Usually these meetings would be expected to extend over one to three days, with invited speakers and a maximum of 120 delegates. In this way we hope to provide an informal atmosphere for the stimulation and exchange of ideas and the building of collaborations. We particularly encourage the involvement of early-phase career scientists and as such a number of travel grants will be awarded in association with each meeting.

The deadline for submitting proposals for Symposia funding has passed. Details will be posted here when the next call opens.

The following students and early-stage career scientists (researchers in their first post-doctoral position) have been awarded New Phytologist Symposium grants. Poster prize winners for the various symposia are also listed here.

Estanislao Burgos, CICVyA INTA Castelar, Argentina

Colin Clairet, INRA BIOGER, France

Jack Colicchio, University of California Berkeley, USA

Hanne De Kort, University of Leuven, Belgium

Maria Belen De Luca, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hana Dvoráková, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Jacob Herman, University of Chicago, USA

Lucie Huyghe, McGill University, Canada

Ritushree Jain, The University of Sheffield, UK

Alim Junaid, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India

Atreyee Kundu, Presidency University, India

Benjamin Liégard, INRA, France

Jeannie Mounger, University of South Florida, USA

Javier Puy, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Cristina Rosique-Esplugas, University of Edinburgh, UK

Sofia van Moorsel, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Nur Bahar, The Australian National University, Australia

Lucas Damián Gorné, IMBiV CONICET-UNC, Argentina

Ellie Goud, Cornell University, USA

Ruth Kelly, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Leander Love-Anderegg, University of Washington, USA

Julie Messier, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Laura Reinelt, Lancaster University, UK

Roberto Salguero-Gomez, The University of Sheffield, UK

Alexey Shiklomanov, Boston University, USA

Nicholas Smith, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA

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