Exhibition City & Country

IRAQ, Baghdad


Baghdad International Fairground

Exhibition Dates

11 – 14 FEBRUARY 2019

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Space: 2535 sq.m
B2B Meeting

WHY Exhibit ?

• Grab this timely opportunity to fill the gap in Iraq imports & exports
• Gain access to Iraq large and lucrative market
• take advantage of B2B sessions to meet representatives of large Construction Companies and Builders and Stakeholders .
• Position your business amidst a high concentration of buyers and sign agreements on the spot

Exhibitor Profile

Injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, thermoforming and welding machines Machines for foam, reactive and reinforced resins
Molds and dies, laboratory control and test equipment, ancillary equipment for plastics and rubber processing, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, synthesizing, modelling softwares
Machines for secondary processing, finishing, decorating, marking and plastics packaging, as downstream equipment
Machines and equipment for the plastics and rubber recovery and recycling
Raw materials, acrylics, polyamides, polyolefinics, styrenes, vinylics, thermoplastic polyesters, thermosets, fluoropolymers, elastomers, pigments, colourants, masterbatches, fillers, reinforcements, additives,
process auxiliaries and other plastics
Secondary and regenerated raw materials, R PET R PE, R PP, ABS R, R PVC, regenerated elastomers, composites, plastic and rubber alloys and other materials
Semi-finished and finished products, household, electrical, electronic, industrial and agricultural applications and other plastics and rubber applications and processes
Product design, manufacturing and reconstruction services and other services for the plastics and rubber industry