Oil & Gas Industry Seminar Brisbane

Oil & Gas Industry Seminar Brisbane

27 May 2019
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia

Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry Seminar

Tthese one-day seminars give participants a broad understanding of the Australian oil and gas industry.

This introductory series is ideal for :

• employees new to the industry
• contractors
• government policy-makers
• professionals and advisors
• members of the community seeking a basic understanding of the industry.

Attendees gain an appreciation of the geological, technical and economic aspects of the industry, features of the onshore and offshore environments, as well as the exploration, development and production phases. The seminars offer an invaluable opportunity to understand the key characteristics and global context of Australia’s oil and gas industry, and come to grips with its key concepts and terminology.

These seminars will be delivered nationally and facilitated by Professor Peter Moore and Professor Steve Mackie.

The Oil & Gas Industry Seminar Brisbane focuses on topics such as what is petroleum, oil and gas terminology, petroleum geology basics, global context, main Australian producing basins, hydraulic fracturing, drilling, LNG process, floating LNG, and much more.

Oil & Gas Industry Seminar Brisbane outline

  • What is petroleum?
  • Oil & gas terminology
  • Petroleum geology basics
  • Global context
  • Petroleum supply and demand
  • Petroleum business cycle – upstream and downstream

Australian industry

  • Main Australian producing basins
  • Major projects
  • Industry regulation and licensing overview

Exploration, development and production

  • Exploration process
  • Seismic (onshore and offshore)
  • Drilling
  • Well integrity
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Development process
  • Joint ventures

Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

  • LNG process
  • CSG-to-LNG
  • Floating LNG
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